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Robin Hart and Dej “Nokweed” Sriampai have opened At One Fitness, a unique training facility in the NoHo arts district. Robin’s dance background along with Nokweed’s Muay Thai expertise and their combined love for fitness inspired them to open a gym that offered it all “At One” location.

Robin, a Hollywood native, has been in the dance and fitness world for over 20 years. Professionally trained in New York and L. A., Robin performed in many dance companies, videos and commercials. Robin is now a personal trainer certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, American Council of Exercise and has been featured in the Daily News, KTLA news, and Shape Magazine!

Nokweed, former fighter from Thailand, has over 30 years experience training and teaching. He is internationally recognized as one of the top ring officials in the world and is one of the most sought after instructors in the sport. Nokweed is the founder of “Muay Thai School USA”(located within “At One Fitness”) the only school that the WBC Muay Thai and the Sports Authority of Thailand endorses.

At One Fitness is a state of the art facility with top of the line cardio, strength and martial arts training equipment. The gym additional has a full size boxing ring, a 1300 sq.ft. class room with a sprung hardwood floor, great sound system, lockers, showers, free parking and more. All teachers are of top quality and fitness, dance and muay thai classes are available for all levels with no membership required. Please call (818)980-6688 or visit

Robin Hart's Biography

Robin Hart is a certified personal trainer.
Certified by :

• The National Academy of Sports Medicine
• American Council of Exercise
• The Wellness Foundation
• Senior Fitness Association.
• Specialty in Fibromyalgia

Born in Hollywood, Ca. Robin has been in the fitness field for over 20 years. After attending Hollywood High for two years, she moved to North Hollywood and attended North Hollywood High. As a student she auditioned and received scholarships from Dupree Dance Academy, Westside Ballet and Broadway Dance Center. Once she became a professional dancer she danced/assisted choreographed with such groups as the New Jersey Symphony, George Lucas Productions and Princess Cruise Line as well as several videos and national commercials such as Nike. While on tour dancing, her father was diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes in his early forties. Even though the doctors told her father for years to change his diet and to exercise, without the support of a personal trainer or classes, he failed to change his behavior. This eventually took his life by age 58. At the same time Robin was diagnosed with arthritis in her left hip. This happens to a lot of dancers who over train. This made Robin determine to learn as much as she could about the body. She decided to leave her life as a dancer and become a fitness trainer. Robin determined to help as many people as possible to achieve good health and quality of life.

She has now been a fitness trainer in North Hollywood for 15 years. Even with a full client list Robin wanted to reach out to more people. Robin began Hart’s Fitness Camp to encourage people at any level of fitness to reach their goals. She gives her participants a wide variety of exercises, a group support system and fitness and nutritional knowledge. She has been featured in Shape Magazine and the Daily News.

Robin Hart intends to keep helping people in her local community. With her new business venture At1 Fitness, she hopes to encourage people to reach their fitness potential, enjoy dance & martial arts, and give them a road map to achieve their goals.

Dej “Nokweed” Sri-ampai Biography

Dej Sri-ampai, or ring name Nokweed Lookpranboon is a retired Muay Thai boxer from Sarabari, Thailand. He was one of the fighters from Lookpranboon camp, before it was taken over by “brother” Noi Vuthisopaporn, and the name was changed to Lookprabat.

It has been over 18 years that Nokweed has lived in America and although life wasn’t always easy for him in the earlier years, everything changed because of his knowledge in Muay Thai. Even though he left fighting to pursue higher education at Kasetsart University, his over 100 fight experience in the provinces became a deep well of knowledge, which could be passed on to others.

Nokweed not only became a Muay Thai Kru (teacher) in America, but he also became a very competent referee and judge. Nokweed has been campaigning to have full Muay Thai rules be accepted for many, many years. And now several states including California and Nevada have finally accepted full Muay Thai rules.

Nokweed is a licensed referee and judge by the athletic commission of California, Nevada, Arizonia and also is licensed by the Sport Authority of Thailand and the WBC Muay Thai. In addition, in February 2006, Nokweed along with the WBC Muay Thai held the first American referee seminar and in May 2006 the first Muay Thai seminar in Mexico.

For Nokweed, Muay Thai is not only about fighting. Muay Thai is about learning about ones self and learning respect. Muay Thai includes a traditional Wai Kru dance which shows respect to the fighter’s parents, teachers, king and religion. Nokweed’s desire is to continue to help Muay Thai grow in popularity around the world and to show the world the true art and heart of Muay Thai.



We pride ourselves in providing professional, friendly and impeccably clean facilities.
Our services include: Private training, Muay Thai and Dance classes.
We also offer after school programs for kids & teens, health seminars,
nutrition classes and first aid lectures for the community.

Free parking available on-site and across the street at the Art Institute Parking structure.

11116 Weddington St. • N. Hollywood, CA 91601 • PH: 818.980.6688 • FX: 818.980.6687
Monday - Friday 5am-10pm • Saturday 7am-5pm • Sunday 8am-5pm